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Disappointing April Planting Progress Now Stalled   With the very early teasing of spring starting in February this year, I was anticipating the possibility of planting everything in April. I was planning to plant soybeans first. Then the weather happened. My corn went in April 25th but the soybeans will be planted in May. The family got nearly 50% of its corn in, in the short window that opened last month. The open conditions so early this year, allowed prep work which made it possible for a lot of crops to get planted in a very short open window. We had an extraordinary number of prep days this year but too few days that were actually fit to plant. Climate Scientist Eric Snodgrass was looking for things to break open in mid-April but the real spring was reluctant to arrive and is still coming in the forecast. The cool/wet pattern prevails. Looks like most crops will get planted in May. It is still snowing in the west and the frost line dips into the NE Corn Belt failing to fully retreat into Canada as well. The good news is that the area still under drought continues to shrink in the…

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