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Brazil’s rise as an agricultural powerhouse is undeniable.  It has more land available for expansion than anywhere else in the world.  It is the second largest food exporter in the world supplying 7% of global food demands.  From only 500,000 acres in the mid 1900’s, Brazil has well over 150 million acres in cultivation today and it is estimated that there is at least another 100 million acres that could yet be brought into production.  

Join us on this unforgettable journey as we visit with successful Brazilian farmers to learn how they unlocked the frontier of their natural resources to feed a growing world.  See the soybean harvest first hand while inspecting the corn planters that are double cropping right behind the combines.  Visit some of the world’s largest soybean farms and discuss input costs, freight logistics, and operations with the owners and top managers.  Learn what it takes to manage 200,000 acres vs 2,000 acres.  Visit fields of cotton, sugarcane, orange groves, coffee, dairy production and much more.  Visit with agronomists, equipment dealers, processing plants, livestock facilities and city mayors.  

We will begin our trip in my nation’s capital of Brasilia, moving on to my hometown region of Minas Gerais.  We will next venture into the heart of Mato Grosso, Brazil’s largest agricultural state providing 40% of the country’s production, before finishing our trip on the beaches of Rio de Janeiro!

Above all else, who better to guide you than actual Brazilian farmers?  My family and I have farmed in the state of Minas Gerais for over 40 years.  My father migrated from southern Brazil with a dream to develop and operate his own farm.  Today, my family farms a diversified operation of 11,000 acres of soybeans, corn and coffee.  We also operate the 34th largest dairy operation in Brazil.  Furthermore, my husband and co-host, is originally from Iowa.  He managed 22,000 acres of soybean, corn and cotton production in the state of Bahia for private investors.  That is where I met him.  

This will be the most authentic Brazilian agricultural tour available!  I invite you to visit my country and my farm and have a traditional Brazilian barbecue on us.


Caroline Seibt
Host of Brazil Farmland Tours

Dates Available: January 10th to January 21st, 2020

Day 1, January 10th USA/Brazil

I hope you practiced some Portuguese because it is time for the trip to begin.  Don’t forget to bring your sunscreen as remember it is summer time in Brazil.

Day 2, January 11th Arrive in Brasilia

Departing from the United States, most international arrival takes place in Sao Paulo.  Upon arrival in Sao Paulo we will get a connection to Brasilia, the nation’s capital.  After we rest up from the long journey, we will take a city tour, visiting our national cathedral along with several other landmarks.  That evening I will take you to my favorite steakhouse in the city!

Day 3, January 12th Patos de Minas

After a good night’s sleep, we will take our executive coach to go visit the Seibt family farm in Minas Gerais and make sure my brothers are taking good care of the fields!  It will take us most of the morning to drive there and so they will have lunch ready and waiting for our arrival.  After lunch, we will tour our soybean processing facilities, our soybean and corn fields, as well as our coffee production and coffee processing facilities.  Our region, while well known for corn and soybean production, has the highest concentration of coffee production in Brazil.  Later we will visit our dairy facility.  One of my brothers speaks good English and is an agronomist, so he can update us on the input costs and logistical issues that we encounter.  We even have a swimming pool at our farm, so bring your bathing suit!  That evening we have accommodations to stay in my hometown of Patos de Minas.  

Day 4, January 13th Patos de Minas / MG

Today you get to know my hometown of Patos de Minas, a city of 150,000!  I am very excited for you to visit the various industries in my community, which include a sugarcane distillery, which imports to the USA.  We can also visit a milk processing company, an orange farm, and much more.

Day 5, January 14th Transfer to Sorriso, Mato Grosso

Today is mostly on the road as we drive to Uberlandia and catch our flight to the Mato Grosso.  But it is the best way to see the country side.  You will be driving by sprawling coffee farms, eucalyptus plantations and even tilapia fish farms.  We then spend the next three days and four nights in Mato Grosso!

Day 6, January 15th Sorriso, Mato Grosso

We are now at the epicenter of agriculture production in Brazil.  We will spend all day visiting mega farms to learn about their production practices.  We will be accompanied by an agronomist who has spent his career in the Mato Grosso developing farmland.  We will be speaking directly with owners and managers on what life was like in the Mato Grosso and the transformation they have seen take place.  We will learn the everyday challenges they encounter.  Let’s ask them about their land costs and where they see them going!

Day 7, January 16th Mato Grosso

This day will be focused on visiting the first pure corn ethanol plant in Brazil, a joint Brazilian and American partnership.  They are already building their second plant with more planned for the future.  Learn how these massive ethanol plants are powered by wood chips from eucalyptus trees.  Did you know that ethanol is blended with gasoline at 27.5% in Brazil?  Most new cars built in Brazil are flex fuel cars.  Next stop is a very large biodiesel facility.  Later in the day we will head to one of the largest beef processing facilities in the country owned by BRF Foods.  

Day 8, January 17th Mato Grosso

Our final day in Mato Grosso will be spent visiting the machinery dealerships, city hall, implement dealers, ag lenders and grain storage companies.    

Day 9, January 18th Transfer to Rio de Janeiro

My country is huge!  It is larger than the continental United States.  It can take a while to get where you are going but it is totally worth it.  The “Marvelous City” awaits us!

Day 10, January 19th Rio de Janeiro

Personally this is my favorite part of the trip!  I love my farm, but I love the city as well!  We are going to start the day by visiting one of the Seven Wonders of the World: the Christ the Redeemer Statue overlooking the city of Rio.  The views are indescribable.  We will then head on to Sugarloaf Mountain, which is only reached by cable car and also has amazing views of the city.  Later in the afternoon, we will head over to the botanical gardens, and if there is time, take a tour of the favelas, the lower-income shantytown areas.  

Day 11, January 20th Rio de Janeiro/USA

This is our final day in Brazil.   I suggest we do what most Brazilians do, and spend it at the beach.  Let’s relax and enjoy the day before we begin our trip home that evening.  Check your return flight itineraries to make sure you reach your connecting flights!

Day 12, January 21st Arrive home Safe and Sound!

All of our Tours’ itineraries will include the visits listed above, however the exact locations and chronological order may be adjusted to accommodate the farmers’ schedules.

TRIP FARE: $2,800 per person.  Additional family member (ex: son or wife) is $2,400 per person. This does not include your international arrival and international departure plane ticket, but does include your domestic flights, hotels and executive coach.  To reserve your spot, a down payment of $500 must be paid by October 1st, 2019.  The remaining amount must be paid by December 20th, 2019.  Space is limited to twenty people to ensure we can provide the best service possible.

What’s Included:

  • Brazilian Domestic Airfare and Bus Transportation
  • Executive Coach Travel
  • Professional English Speaking Guides
  • Hotel Accommodations
  • Admission to all sight visits

What’s Not Included:

  • International Airfare
  • Meals
  • Extreme Sports


Guided by two Brazilian farmers
City tour of Brasilia, the nation’s capital
Visit Brazil’s National Cathedral
Visit city landmarks
Visit an 11,000 acre corn and soybean farm in Minas Gerais
Visit the 34th largest dairy and processing facility in Brazil
Visit a large coffee farm and processing facility
Visit seed production facility
Visit sugarcane distillery
Visit orange production farm
Visit 500,000 acre grain farm in Mato Grosso
Visit implement dealerships, ethanol plants, cotton gins and cotton farms
Agronomist Guide in Mato Grosso
Visit beef packing plant
Visit with city mayor of frontier city
Visit Christ Statue in Rio de Janeiro
Visit Sugarloaf Mountain in Rio
Visit botanical garden
Hang-gliding available (weather permitting)
Visit the famous Copacabana and Ipanema beaches
All the Brazilian barbecue that you can eat!

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