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Flood waters are slowly going down in this region and people are starting to get back into their homes to access the damage. The media reports that 2500 homes have been damaged and 1000 homes in Spencer Iowa have been examined and deemed inhabitable by authorities due to their structural damage. There are many things that folks have learned the hard way about how to handle flooding. One lesson is to not pump the water out too fast. There is pressure inside and outside of the basement walls when flooded and when they pump the water out too quickly that pressure does not have time to equalize and the foundation caves in. I am going to assume that some of these homes may yet be repairable but without insurance coverage the owner will have to pay for it. I have no idea how much that FEMA may help with such a cost. Some of these families who have lost homes will just move away. If the water in the basement came as a result of the sewer backing up there should be less structural damage and homeowners’ insurance may then pay for it. There are some real sad stories of…

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