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1993 is fixed in my memory as being the worst crop that I have ever struggled to produce in my 51 years of attempts at growing crops. It was close to being our year without a summer with record deluges, a shortage of DDGs and limited sunshine. Crops went in late in mud and never developed normally. Corn on corn was literally toxic, air was purged from waterlogged compacted soils. An additional equivalent of another Great Lake developed west of Lake Michigan. There were 9 million prevent-plant acres in 1993. I remember 1993 as being cold and dark. Heat units failed to accumulate as clouds blocked the sun. Nitrogen was lost. Corn never really matured with light test weights negatively impacting grain quality. It was a crop disaster. The irony of all of this is that they watched it unfold at the CBOT and the market refused to acknowledge the sorry state of crop conditions for months after farmers recognized what was occurring. This caused farmers to doubt their own eyes. Market pundits would take windshield tours from Chicago and report that while low ground was flooded the high ground would produce well. The truth was that there was no…

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