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If the local crop input dealer in my area is any indication of how things are going, the season is off to a very rocky start. I can barely get the salesman on the phone. When it rains and rains the entire month of May and we finally get some days to do some field work, everybody needs things all at once. The final crop insurance day to plant soybeans in our area was June 15th. Dealers were still rushing out seed deliveries to get the beans in before the cutoff date. Some people are on their second replant. Perhaps the third time is a charm.   I probably can’t complain as my corn got planted on time. But it is already in the V4 stage which is when I like to put on the second application of Nitrogen. The problem is all the sprayer rigs are busy. Nobody could apply the liquid nitrogen on time. The corn is already showing signs of lack of nitrogen despite applying 90 units of N at planting. I am waiting on Nitrate tests to tell me how much leaching has taken place, yet all the testing is backed up from everyone else doing…

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