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Last year I shared some recommended reading with subscribers. The response was positive. One subscriber told me that he did not like to read books but took the advice to buy “With the Old Breed” and said that his wife read it to him. Sounds like a candidate for the audio version. He agreed that it was the most accurate word-smithed description of combat that he had ever been exposed to and thanked me for the heads up. If you like this kind of book, I would suggest “Ghosts of Honolulu” by Mark Harmon. Yeah, that Mark Harmon. The subject is a true story about a Japanese Spy, Japanese American spy hunter and an untold story of Pearl Harbor. I think myself to be a pretty good student of history but what you learn is that history is too immense to know much of it. This has added an interesting saga.   First off, I read non-fiction. Have you ever been reading a book and the author seems to be getting it right…but then the subject matter changes to something that you specifically know about, may even be an expert on, and the author doesn’t know what he is talking…

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