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The public has been shouting one message loudest and clearest to both political parties. That message is that they do not want a rematch of 2020 candidates Trump and Biden. Of all of the poll questions asked, a rejection of Trump and Biden rings up the highest consensus. Republican and Democrat parties are not listening. Each is wrapped up in itself ready to nominate party favorites despite their general unpopularity. The consensus wants new blood. Instead, the parties appear prepared to cover their ears and submit the same names on the ballot forcing the public to choose between retreads that they could not be clearer about not wanting to see run again. Which candidate, Trump or Biden, is ahead in polls is relevant only to the public again being forced to choose between which they see as the lesser evils. Republicans and Democrats are both failing to let democracy work. Both are in fear of it. The Republican Party has split between traditional republicans and the MAGA faction. The split continues to make the US House dysfunctional in spite of it technically being GOP controlled, with another void between the GOP House and their GOP party brethren in the US…

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