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I have shared Geopoliticist Peter’s Zeihan’s concerns over the coming end of China and thought that I would share George Friedman’s similar take on the threat.  34 of 50 top Chinese real estate developers have defaulted on debt. Foreign investors are pulling out of Chinese stocks and Chinese capital investment in general. Beijing is no longer rolling over maturing US Treasuries needing the cash back home. Here goes from a transcript: One of the greatest underlying myths of the past years is that of the Chinese economic miracle and it was a miracle, is eternal.  I see China is weakening, becoming less of a force and the People’s Liberation Army as an internal security force.  It’s not going to attack anyone.  This China is not part of China. These factories don’t sell in China.  You can’t sell those products to people who are at a subsistence level agriculture life.  These are extensions of the west.  These factories are part of the American economy, the Australian economy, the European economy, but mostly the American economy.  If the American economy stops buying because we have a recession or we increase our savings rate. Then what happens is that the rate of growth…

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