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Some people like to read abstracts of farms. I think that they are fascinating. There is a lot of history in them. They used to put in lots of historical details that get omitted today. One of the farms that I farm and is owned by an aunt that was first purchased by my great-great grandfather Frederick Kruse in 1896. That means I am harvesting the families 127th crop from this farm in Clay County Iowa. He was born in Bad Doberan Mecklenburg province Germany in 1832 and immigrated to the US in 1865. I have mentioned that we are friends with a German family from Dresden that we meet with every two years somewhere in the world (Alaska this summer). When in Germany a number of years ago they took us up to Mechlenburg province in NE Germany to a bed and breakfast in the forest. You walk down a path through the woods and suddenly you emerge on the coast looking at spectacular view of the Baltic Sea. I spent a very pleasant day there on the beach. The place was Heiligendamm. It is a German seaside resort founded in 1793. It is the oldest seaside spa in…

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