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Guest Editorial by Eric Relph CommStock Investments Broker   It seems that one of the recent hot button topics on major news channels and beyond is the US providing massive amounts of aid to Ukraine in their war against Russia. The overwhelming majority of people that I speak with feel that we are doing/providing/spending entirely too much money to assist them in their efforts. While continuing to stack up government debt isn’t the best solution to any problem, I feel that I carry a perspective that few recognize when they make these complaints. My son is a Sergeant in the US Army.   Having just returned from South Korea in June, we found out that he will likely be deployed to Romania in April. This comes as the US is mounting an expanded military presence in Poland and Romania to deter Putin from exercising his aggression outside the borders of Ukraine. As a father, I certainly don’t get a warm and fuzzy feeling about the likelihood of him moving straight toward the heart of the hornet’s nest while receiving continued reports of escalating tensions between the two countries.   Prior to Russia fumbling through their invasion of Ukraine, the US…

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