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Ukraine President Zelensky has had an extremely productive past several days. After a sweeping tour of Europe picking up $blns in new aid, embracing European heads of state and traveling in donated aircraft, he detoured to the Middle East to scold Arab nations for their support of Russia. Those Arab leaders can see the solidarity of the European coalition of support for Ukraine and economic banishment of Russia from the world community. They will benefit from the loss of Russian production in the global energy markets as Russian production capacity declines as it will long term without western technology. They also get to see firsthand that any Russian military kit that they have is inferior to ours. The Saudis benefit from having US military equipment but then again depend on us to have it serviced and upgraded. Note that there were two Saudis on the latest trip to the International Space Station showing something else that money can buy. Then Zelensky traveled to the G7 summit in Hiroshima Japan in a French Government aircraft landing like a “rock star”. Further economic sanctions were extended on Russia to make it more difficult for them to fund their war. They had found…

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