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Recently, I have come to feel like it is harder to get clients to act upon our market recommendations than it has been to call the market. Up until August 2020 we had been very bearish the corn market. I recognized an upside chart gap as a breakaway gap that would lead to an extended gain. It was tough getting subscribers to make the change as they get psychologically locked into a mindset, which we had fed, and I repeatedly advised “time to change horses” as the trend turned higher. Since August 2020 we were very bullish until last December. I am going to walk through the chart and try to give you more clarity as to how I make these determinations. While I do grasp fundamentals believing them important, most of my major decisions are derived from technical chart analysis. As this is my 50-year crop anniversary I have learned a little something along the way. I have been looking at Elliot Wave chart patterns for a few decades now. I can’t tell you what the wave count for every market is all of the time but every so often something in the pattern does stand out and has…

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